The Cal-Earth Institute (California Institute of Earth Architecture) in collaboration with Vide Terra organizes a SuperAdobe workshop in Italy. This 8 days intensive course teaches how to apply the SuperAdobe/earthbag technique for a dome construction. The participants will receive an official certificate of completion from the Cal-Earth Institute. During the workshop we will build an earth dome with a door opening and a window. The purpose of the course is to give the theoretical and practical tools useful to design and build a small earth structure or living space.

The workshop will be divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

- Earth architecture and the importance of building with earth
- The SuperAdobe technique
- The principles of the arch and of the dome
- SuperAdobe dome designing principles
- Practical techniques to analyse earth composition
- Soil improvement and stabilization
- Water management
- Introduction to waterproofing
- Designing more complex structures and living spaces based on the Eco-Dome concept.

- Hands on construction of a complete 1,8-2m earth dome (foundation and structure)
- Creation of openings for doors, windows and ventilation
- Introduction to plastering

Tuition Costs:
560€ - if you book your place before 10 July 2023
640€ - if you book your place after 10 July 2023
The places are limited. The deadline for the registration is 24 July 2023. We may anticipate the closing of the registration if we reach the maximum number of participants. The course will be held in English and Italian.

A 150 euros deposit will be requested to book. The deposit will be fully returned in case of workshop cancellation. The deposit cannot be returned in case the attendee will not attend the course. Please write to for booking your place.

PROMOTION: Discounts available for groups of 2 or more people.

Food and Accomodation:
We can offer 4 types of accommodation:
- single rooms for 20 euros per night (towels and bedsheets included, private bathroom for the room)
- shared rooms (only 2 beds in the room) for 13 euros per night per person (towels and bedsheets included, private bathroom for the room)
- dormitory in a garden temporary structure for 5 euros per night per person (mattress provided, bedsheet and towels not provided, the dormitory has a dedicated composting toilet and outside showers
- possibility to place your own tent for 5 euros per night per person (tent and equipment not provided, the tents will share the composting toilet and showers with the dormitory)
Only 4 rooms available, the rooms will be assigned in order of booking.
The participants are free to find other accommodation solution in Turin but they have to be able to reach the workshop site in autonomy. The host will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for 25 euros per day.

The trainers:
​ ​The workshop will be held by Davide Frasca (founder of Vide Terra, representative and trainer of the Cal-Earth Institute in Italy, designer and builder of superadobe​ domes, specialized in earth architecture), helped by Iwo Soczewka (visual artist, superadobe practitioner and earth material explorer). More info in About us

​ For further info and to register:
Tel. 0039 3394178848