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davide frasca vide terra

Davide Frasca

obtained a Bachelor degree in building engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture (Architecture, Energy and Sustainability) at the London Metropolitan University, UK. In his master thesis he explored how earth architecture could be a solution for obtaining affordable and sustainable houses. After graduation he took part in the construction of earth houses in Spain and Portugal and participated in various workshops on earth plastering in Italy. In 2012 he followed a course at the Auroville Earth Institute in India where he learned how to build and design arches, domes and vaults using compressed earth bricks. In 2013 he participated in a 3 months apprenticeship program at the Cal-Earth Institute (California) where he learned how to build earth domes using the superadobe technique. This was followed by 2 more months in 2014 during which he specialized in earth vault construction. In 2015 he spent a month in Wales to learn a traditional thatching technique by assisting the master thatcher Alan Jones in the construction of a roof. Since 2014 he’s organized many superadobe workshops in Italy and since 2017 he’s been collaborating with the Cal-Earth Institute by organizing and leading the official Cal-Earth workshops in Italy. Since 2022 he has been involved in construction and training in Iraqi Kurdistan in favor of the Yazidi community living in the refugee camps.

iwo soczewka vide terra

Iwo Soczewka

is a visual artist who likes to explore the creative possibilities of earth material and finishes. She got a degree in ​Design for Performance at Central Saint Martins College in London. She works as a graphic designer, illustrator and in 2018 she joined Vide Terra as a workshop assistant and a builder.