Building with earth means choosing a local material which has a very low ecological footprint. It doesn't require much energy for transport and it doesn't use the industrial products which cause pollution as well as require a lot of energy to be produced. Instead it gives us the possibility to reuse the same material for other constructions or for agriculture. In short, it substantially reduces the economic, social and environmental costs. In most cases earth as a building material can be found in situ and it's ready for use after being mixed with water..

SuperAdobe is a relatively new building technique which merges the ancient rammed-earth technique with modern materials. It was invented by Nader Khalili - the architect who wanted to develop a simple, fast and inexpensive solution for those who needed a secure and comfortable shelter after being exposed to the natural disasters or war. The SuperAdobe technique can be used to build all sorts of houses: round shape, square shape or domes. It is flexible and very suited for the construction of confinement walls, arches, cisterns as well as landscape and interior design.

Cocciopesto is a plastering technique already known in ancient Rome as a method to waterproof their bathtubs, cisterns and floors. The amalgam of lime-putty and backed brick powder are the strength of cocciopesto plaster which not only protects the walls from water and humidity but also beautifies them. The workshop is composed of two modules and it puts together the skills of earth building and use of lime. Under the guidance of Davide and Iwona from Vide Terra we will build an outdoor shower with the SuperAdobe technique and we will learn how to plaster it with cocciopesto under the guidance of the Maestro Danilo Dianti.

theoretical introduction to the SuperAdobe technique (description, origins and application) introduction to earth as a building material and its application to the SuperAdobe technique. Building practice. Preparation process for the plaster. Application of the first rough lime plaster layer . Introduction and overview of lime (theory) Application of the cocciopesto plaster layers, finishing and soap

30th May - 2nd June : construction of the outdoor shower, plaster preparation process, application of the rough layer of lime plaster – (Module 1 held by Vide Terra)
3rd June (morning) : morning off
3rd June (afternoon) - 5th June : theoretical introduction to cocciopesto and than practice under Maestro Danilo Dianti's guidance (Module 2)
It is possible to participate only in one of the two modules.

Participation is open to maximum 15 participants

​For information and registration contact Tiziana: – 338 1536208

Overnight stay.

Possibility to stay overnight in a tent (free of charge) or at the property by reservation. Contact Casa di Paglia Felce Rossa